Introducing ‘One Day from Sapporo’

Set amidst beautiful nature, Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, northern Japan.
Memorable experiences await in Sapporo, ranging from excursions and activities exploring vibrant nature,
to enjoying the ‘cool’ factor of this great city as you explore art, culture, cuisine, shopping, and more.
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Sapporo City, Hokkaido is full of wonderful spots!
Reporters who know Sapporo will actually experience it and deliver real information!
Watch the video and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to Sapporo!

Sapporo’s famous shopping arcade is Tanuki Koji, also known as “Ponpoco Champs-Élysées”. The covered arcade is 7 blocks long and about 1 kilometer in length! The original dates back to 1869 when many merchants began setting up shops along the street. You can find many types of shops including some that have been in business for several generations! An eclectic mix of theThe eclectic mix ranges from classic Japanese craft shops to modern fashion and food choices! Tanuki Koji is a great representation of Sapporo and Hokkaido in general. It’s well worth spending a day exploring all the little specialty shops. In this episode I uncover a few hidden gems and do my best to highlight some of the main features along the historical shopping street!
  • Today, let’s explore Moerenuma Park! In winter, you can enjoy the park slopes in a new way, using rental sleds, snowshoes, and more. After a little exercise, nothing beats a heartwarming soup curry. With about 40 years of history, the restaurant ‘Ajanta’ is known as the birthplace of soup curry. Their exquisitely delicious ‘yakuzen soup’ combines a wide variety of spices and herbs used in traditional Chinese dietary therapy. Please stop by and try it when you visit Sapporo!
  • In winter, Sapporo’s nighttime cityscape is colorfully lit during ‘White Illumination’, a celebration with 40 years of history. Today, let’s start from the White Illumination 1-chome Site, at the TV tower in Odori Park. Along the way, we’ll enjoy beautifully illuminated artwork of all sizes and shapes. After enjoying the illumination, let’s stop by Hachikyo, one of Sapporo’s best-known izakaya (traditional pub-style) restaurants. Their signature ikura-don (salmon roe rice bowl) is topped with a truly generous serving. Don’t miss the unique performances as dishes are presented — a feast for the eyes, and the tastebuds alike!
  • Sapporo Moiwa is truly the icon of this northern city. The ski area and courses built into the mountain make it a unique spot to ski when you visit. Night skiing provides a great view of the city below!



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